Senior Community Services

One Stop Care to collaborate with your management

Meeting the demands and challenges of individual residents within a Senior Living Community can become increasingly difficult over time.

With over 15 years of expertise in this area, The Avondale Care Group’s staff offers specialized help based on the needs of both the Building Management and their Residents. It can range from Health Programs and Home Care Services to overseeing all of the Buildings Healthcare Needs. Also consider:

  • Avondale works with over 45 Home Care Programs so we can arrange Services that fit for all of your Residents, while saving you time.
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will arrange for any of your Residents Health Care needs, freeing up your time, and also allowing access to updates and information anytime.
  • Our Caregiver Management Service can consolidate outsiders’ access to your Building.
  • Avondale’s Mandatory Uniforms for Caregivers help to facilitate Identification and a sense of Community.
  • Avondale can organize a wide range of Social Activities centered on Health and Education while taking stress off of you to add to your Social Calendar.
  • Immediate replacement or fill-in arrangements are made whenever a Caregiver is absent.
  • We can also provide Cluster Care for Residents who may not want or require constant, one-on-one assistance.

When we provide services like these, it takes the burden off Building Managers and allows them to focus on their areas of expertise.

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"We believe that exceptional care, personalized attention and respect for the individual are the rules, not the exceptions."

"Thank you for all that you have done over the last year. Margie has done an outstanding job. You all have been very helpful in helping me maintain my independence and that is exactly what I asked for in our initial interview. In addition to the activities provided through the day the Nurses make sure I take my medications on time and Margie makes sure I am always nutritious meals. On our 1 year Anniversary I wanted to take the time to let you know of a job well done"

Renee S.